Private Cloud Virtualisation

Better Optimise your IT Environment

Innovations in virtualisation have produced a powerful set of enabling technologies which are helping organisations drive capital and operational efficiencies.

Virtualisation has accelerated the movement away from single server system, delivering much improved system utilisation, quicker application deployment, as well as benefiting from the built-in disaster recovery and business continuity advantages associated with it.

Core Technology Partners recommends and uses the best of breed technologies, experienced technicians, and expert management practices to achieve functional, dependable, valuable and tailored private clouds to our clients.

Hosting cloud infrastructure onsite or within one of the Core Technology Partners hosted facilities provides your internal IT staff the flexibility and reliability of an enterprise level solution and modernise the way you do business.

Core Technology Partners Reference Architecture

A Core Technology Partners Private Cloud environment is architected specifically to serve your particular applications, connectivity and resources requirements; this can range from a single node configuration right up to a clustered environment capable of supporting many thousands of virtual machines. The following highlights our refrence architecture for a highly avaliable that integrates into your existing network for a turnkey deployment.

Private Cloud Diagram


  • Increases the speed of deployment for new servers and applications.
  • Allows for less physical infrastructure to be maintained and supported.
  • Reduces the challenges associated with data centre space, power and cooling.
  • Simplifies systems management and monitoring.
  • Centralise your applications and services onto an enterprise grade clustered cloud.
  • Dynamically scale your environment up and down.
  • Migrate to a highly available architecture with no single point of failure.


  • Frees up valuable data centre space.
  • Reduces the costs of power and cooling, and has a positive effect upon an organisation’s carbon footprint.
  • Allows for a built-in business continuity solutions increases server utilisation, typically from 5–15% to 60-80%
  • Removes compatibility issues with older hardware.
  • Improve your network connectivity and increased redundancy.
  • Build a disaster recovery and remote replication capable environment.
  • Provision operating systems and applications within minutes, without entering the datacenter.

Core Technology Partners Deployment Approach

Planning Design Diagram

Why Core Technology Partners?

Core Technology Partners provide advice, design architecture, procurement and implementation services for technology solutions that will automate your core business processes and reduce the total of cost of managing your IT and communications infrastructure.

Our engagement methodology is based upon proven best practise assessments and discovery audits designed to offer impartial and informed business strategies.

Our truly vendor agnostic approach, combined with an extremely strong knowledge of, and working relationships with all Tier 1 vendors, allows CTP to focus on the right solution and outcome for your business and not promote a particular Vendor or technology.

The accumulated skills and hands on experience of our accredited consultants, solution architects, engineers and support specialists allow us to manage your entire IT infrastructure or act as an extension of your internal IT team. These specialists are supported by a very knowledgeable and professional sales force.

Our staff members are innovative, agile and have the business acumen and industry knowledge to recommend and implement technology solutions that will transform your business processes and deliver the maximum return on your investment.

We continuously invest in systems, processes and go-to-market strategies that will help deliver true competitive advantage to your business.