Managed Print Solutions

Core Technology Partners has the expertise to offer complete transparency to your printing costs, maintenance and support, Core Technology Partners can radically improve your business efficiency and free up valuable resources for more effective tasks. Your team can focus on core activities that support your business growth.

The aim of these programs is to provide improvements in process, better asset management, tighter control over costs and a clearly identified budget for printing operation.

Most people in your organisation print, copy, send or receive documents several times a day. In fact, printing and imaging processes can account for as much as 40% of labor cost. Both hard and soft costs factor into this equation. Besides purchase price and operational costs, other considerations include processes that can impact productivity and ultimately, profits.

"Most of the CFOs we have interviewed in Australia and Singapore have a need to find a better way of understanding their expenditure on the printing that is taking place in their organisations. They know they have either underestimated their spending or simply do not have the means to find out." Robert Finkeldey, Vice President, Market & Business Strategy Gartner Consulting, Asia.

Our Services include:

  • Individual, workgroup or departmental user training
  • Configuration and Installation of hardware requirements.
  • Installation and configuration of the latest version of OEM sponsored and third party software as determined by your network and infrastructure requirements.
  • Dedicated project manager who works with your team to schedule the integration and testing phase.
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling.
  • Remote tracking and fulfilment solution of all toner based consumables.
  • Breakfix services for leading manufactures devices.

Core Technology Partners Appraisal Cycle

The appraisal cycle is designed to identify your vulnerabilities within your output infrastructure environment. The overall goal is to reduce print wastage, streamline workflow process and in return offer an industry average of 10% to 30% savings in overall printing cost.