IT Security

Core Technology Partners can assist with complete IT security solutions

There are many types of threats companies face with regard to IT security. Core Technology Partners offers a wide range of comprehensive security services that determine the exact risks customers are facing within their IT environment. Viruses, hackers, cyber terrorists and disgruntled staff pose a very real threat to your organisation’s infrastructure! If your company is not investing in best security practices for your information technology systems, you are leaving yourself wide open to attack and unfortunate consequences such as downtime, fraud, loss of intellectual property and litigation. Core Technology Partners has the expertise to recommend the most effective processes to eliminate risks.

Our Services:

  • Security Policies and Procedures
  • Server Hardening
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Testing

Why Core Technology Partners?

Core Technology Partners provide advice, design architecture, procurement and implementation services for technology solutions that will automate your core business processes and reduce the total of cost of managing your IT and communications infrastructure.

Our engagement methodology is based upon proven best practise assessments and discovery audits designed to offer impartial and informed business strategies.

Our truly vendor agnostic approach, combined with an extremely strong knowledge of, and working relationships with all Tier 1 vendors, allows CTP to focus on the right solution and outcome for your business and not promote a particular Vendor or technology.

The accumulated skills and hands on experience of our accredited consultants, solution architects, engineers and support specialists allow us to manage your entire IT infrastructure or act as an extension of your internal IT team. These specialists are supported by a very knowledgeable and professional sales force.

Our staff members are innovative, agile and have the business acumen and industry knowledge to recommend and implement technology solutions that will transform your business processes and deliver the maximum return on your investment.

We continuously invest in systems, processes and go-to-market strategies that will help deliver true competitive advantage to your business.